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Support staff

General support services for students and their parents

Adolescence is a difficult and demanding time, not only for the adolescent but often too for the parent. There is virtually no aspect of a child’s physical, biological, social, emotional and intellectual development that is not subject to change during adolescence.

While some students are able to navigate adolescence very easily, others need a helping hand at times.

Our school offers a range of services to students and their parents to assist them as they move through these difficult years of adolescence.

  • Differentiated learning for parents

    Differentiated learning for parents

    For some years the school has used “Aus Identities and temperaments” as a tool to assist teachers to understand and work with different personalities in staffrooms and classrooms.

  • Guidance officers

    Guidance Officers are experienced teachers who have completed additional qualifications in guidance, counselling and psycho-educational assessment. They also have specialised training in other areas.

  • ILC and Learning Support

    Narangba Valley State High School has an Individual Learning Centre (ILC) that assists staff to cater for students who have a verified disability.

  • School Based Youth Health Nurse

    The nurse’s role is to work with students, school staff and parents in areas of health and well being, encouraging a healthy school environment.

  • School Chaplain

    Chapains provide general support and pastoral care to all in the school community and are also able to assist students in relation to spiritual and ethical needs when requested.