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Music Academy is a curriculum program running through years 7-10, designed to develop excellence in music performance, composition and appreciation. Catering to students who are capable of demonstrating general competence across a range of music skills, the Music Academy program also intends to present as a pathway to senior General Music (2019) and to act as a guide for those students wishing to pursue a music-based career in the Arts.

Additionally, Music Academy is partnered with NVSHS's Instrumental Music program, ensuring that regular lessons and ensemble performances are a regular occurrence. Music Academy allows students who have a passion for music performance to continue developing their technical musical expertise through avenues such as QCE points, AMEB examinations and IMEP.

Cooperative arrangements with instrumental music staff and/or private music tutors will promote routine, discipline and technical excellence through public performance, competitions, workshops and masterclasses. Interactive experiences with industry professionals from various backgrounds and proficiencies are a regular occurrence, employing repertoire drawn from cultural, traditional and contemporary sources across a range of styles and genres.

Music Academy has been an essential aspect of the music curriculum ​at NVSHS from 2003 and intends to continue this long tradition into the future. ​

Enrolling in Music Academy (Years 7-10)

Students elect to audition for the program by preparing two performance pieces and expressing their previous music experiences to Music Academy staff.  For year 6 into 7 students, this process will be via digital submission (USB).  For current NVSHS students (7-10), this process will occur face-to-face with Music Academy staff during school time.


Music Academy Audition Requirements – Digital Submission (USB)

For a smooth audition process, please ensure you create a digital USB submission with the following items stored on it.  Video footage of students will only be viewed by registered music teachers, and you will receive your USB back with your audition feedback letter.

Digital Submission (USB) Content

  1. Short video statement* explaining why you are interested in Music Academy, detailing your previous music experiences (e.g. school-based music programs or private accredited music tuition (AMEB or similar)
  2. Prepare and video-record* yourself performing two contrasting performance pieces.  These pieces do not have to be overly long.  
  3. Digital copy of your latest school report card
  4. Digital copies of relevant supporting documentation you feel is valuable to the Music Academy audition (e.g. certificates of music achievements)

* Please submit either .mov or .mp4 file types for video content.

Current NVSHS Students – Express interest to join the Music Academy program

For current students (Years 7-10) wishing to apply for Music Academy, please submit a Music Academy Application Form to  Music staff will then follow up with students and their parents/carers.

Music Academy Student Expectations (demonstrated through a signed 'academy contract')

  • Commitment to NVSHS Instrumental Music ensemble rehearsals, and sponsored events (e.g. camps, workshops, masterclasses, competitions and recitals).
  • All students must be enrolled in private and/or school-sponsored (Instrumental Music) tuition
  • High level of school attendance (greater than 90%).
  • Minimum of C standard maintained in Music Excellence.
  • Behaviour is to be of the highest standard and must be absent of negative behaviour (this will be monitored at every reporting period).

 Students are expected to immerse themselves in activities that will contribute to their musical development such as school ensembles, workshops, masterclasses and excursions.

Personal instrument practice is essential to musical development and must be maintained. A consistent routine of 15-30 minutes per day or at the very least every second day is suggested.

Current Industry Partnerships
Lane Music Academy (at school pr​iv​ate instrument tuition)

AK Studios (at school private vocal lessons and vocal group tutor)

Moreton Youth Music Ensemble (MYME)

Brisbane Brass

Zac Bradford (esteemed voice coach)

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