Work Sampling– (Work Experience)


​What is work sampling? 

Work sampling is the short term placement of students with businesses and organisations to provide insights into the industry and the workplace.  Work sampling is unpaid. While undertaking work sampling, students will observe different aspects of work within their chosen industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor, but not undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise. 

Work sampling is ideal for students who would like to sample a variety of industries and work environments.  This type of work sampling is useful for students who maybe undecided on a career pathway or trialling for a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship.  Work sampling could include workplace visit and observing the daily activities taking place within that industry environment.  

Narangba Valley SHS can approve access to work sampling (work sampling) for up to 30 days per calendar year.  Ideally, students will participate in work sampling during their school holidays/weekends/before-after school and in special circumstances (approved by respective Deputy Principals) can be granted up to five (5) days/over a five (5) week period (1 day out per week) during term time.  Travel arrangements to/from the work placements is the parents and students responsibility. 

Narangba Valley SHS uses a student centred approach to work sampling – work sampling, where it is the student’s responsibility to source their own placement and provide details of the placement to the school for preparation of the Work Experience Agreement.  The Work Experience Agreement is a contract between the Student, Parent/Carer, Business and School providing insurance cover to students while out on placement.   

NOTE: Unapproved work sampling undertaken without a signed Work Experience Agreement is not considered as school approved work sampling and cannot be covered by the Department of Education Insurance.  THEREFORE STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS/CARER CAN BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY WORKPLACE ACCIDENT OR INJURY WHILE OUT ON UNAPPROVED PLACEMENT. 

Narangba Valley SHS follows and implements the Department of Education Procedure – “Work Experience placements for school students” version 6.3 (Sept, 2020). 

Vocational structured work placement is work experience that is a requirement of a student completing a nationally recognised qualification such as a Certificate III or higher.  This application process does not cover work experience arrangement for structured work placements.  Structured work placements are managed through the relevant curriculum department. 

Who can request work sampling? 

Students must be at least 14 years old and enrolled in an educational establishment.  Ideally, senior students should be following a vocational pathway with the end outcome of being informed of a career pathway or a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship. 

Senior students following a Tertiary (ATAR) Pathway can participate in work sampling - work sampling during the school-holidays only.  Tertiary Pathway students will only be covered by insurance with an approved Work Experience Agreement. 


How to apply for work sampling – work sampling? 

  • Students to find a business or organisation willing to provide work sampling – work sampling 
  • After securing a placement the following details must be forwarded by accessing the following link. 
  • Business or Organisation Name, Address, Phone Number and email 
  • Supervisors Contact Details: Name and direct contact number 
  • Dates of placement (must be accurate) 
  • Emergency contact details 
  • Description of duties or observations 
  • Any Additional Special Requirements – Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) or Business Attire 
  • Copy of the student’s General Construction Induction (White) Card or Blue Card (if required) 

Important information to note when considering work sampling 

  • student centred approach to work sampling – work sampling ensures that students have a genuine interest in the industry of their choosing.  This means that the student demonstrates motivation and initiative to approach a business or organisation within that industry.  Successful work sampling – work sampling outcomes usually aligns to the student’s own interests and aspirations recorded in their Senior Education Training (SET) Plan. 
  • Transport to/from the business or organisation 
  • Special requests for work sampling – work sampling placements during school term will be approved by the Deputy Principals.  Parents and students must consider the impact of lost learning with the responsibility placed on the student to catch-up on any missed learning. 
  • Most Trade Industries in the areas of Electrical, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing require a General Construction Induction Card (White Card) for all site visitors. Therefore, your student will require White Card prior to accessing a placement.  The student/parent will be responsible for all costs associated with this requirement.  More information can be accessed from   
  • As of the 30th August 2020 – The No Card, No Start Law has been implemented for all workers and volunteers working in Health, Aged-Care and Childcare Industries.  This means that a student must have their Blue Card prior to accessing a placement in a business or organisation within these industries.  More information can be accessed from  Blue Card applications can be made requested from 
  • Students in Year 9 are able to complete work sampling during the school holidays.  Under very special circumstances the relevant Deputy Principal or Principal may grant approval for a Year 9 students to complete work sampling during a school term.  Please arrange an appointment directly with the student’s Deputy Principal. 

Please complete the online form to submit your work sampling request.
Work Sampling Request - online form 


Last reviewed 23 May 2022
Last updated 23 May 2022