A rising star - Mia-Rose sets her sights on an acting career


A life as a star on the big screen is certainly in the picture for Mia-Rose Foxwell. Now in the depth of her year 12 studies at Narangba Valley High, it's certainly been a whirlwind of a year for this budding actress. From studying her Cert IV Acting and Screen at the Drama Works Academy of Performing Art to rubbing shoulders with superstars like Tom Hanks, it's definitely one Mia-Rose won't forget in a hurry.​

It seems her passion for the performing arts has been in Mia-Rose's blood since she was little and it blossomed from there.

“My mum enrolled me in dancing when I was 18 months old which, along with singing lessons, I continued doing until I was 8," Mia-Rose says. “At the age of 10, I started musical theatre and that's when my love for gigging and acting started."

Although already working hard at putting herself and her name out there within the industry, Mia-Rose says she enjoyed the opportunity to undertake the Cert IV to learn about the different performing arts practices including: Acting, Vocal, Physical Theatre, Audition Skills, Theatre History and Film.

“The Cert IV was an amazing opportunity where I got to meet some people within the industry who I ended up getting work from," she says. “By taking this class for only a year I gained so much information about the industry, both firsthand and in classes. Looking in to TAFE or Cert work both through and outside of school is something I can't recommend enough."

Not one to sit back and wait for things to come to her, Mia-Rose is well and truly on a mission to fulfil her dream of working in film, by making connections within the industry and taking every opportunity that comes her way. After all, not all of us can say we've had the chance to work with the likes of acting royalty: Tom Hanks.

“Within the past year I have been able to work with and talk to some amazing people," Mia-Rose says. “I just finished filming a movie as a featured extra with Tom Hanks and Austin Butler.

“They were two of the kindest celebrities I have ever worked with. They were incredibly nice and whenever given the chance, they would talk to whoever they could. During one scene, Tom Hanks was asking me about past work I have done and let me just say… I was star struck."​

Although she admits her favourite actress is Anne Hathaway due to her passionate nature and natural acting style, Mia-Rose is the first to admit that her true mentors/idols are much closer to home.

“Without a doubt, it would have to be my parents," she says. “They are some of the hardest workers I know and stop at nothing to ensure my siblings and I have the chance to achieve everything we want to achieve in life."

It looks like we have a future star on our hands, watch this space!

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Last reviewed 12 August 2021
Last updated 12 August 2021