Melinda hits top notes with music results


​​​A long standing passion for music paired with a keen interest in its broader function lead Melinda Larsen to achieve a perfect result in the subject in her final year of schooling. Melinda received the Subject Achievement Commendation for the highest result in general music in Queensland 2020.

Melinda recorded perfect marks in all internal assessment and an external exam with an overall result of 100%. In recognition of her results, she received a certificate from QCAA and her name on the QCAA website. The accolade came as a total surprise with Melinda receiving a letter in the mail.

“It was an awesome surprise," she says. “I read the letter with my parents by my side and they couldn't be prouder. It felt so nice to receive recognition for all the hard work done in Grade 12."

Melinda first delved into the world of music 11 years ago when she started playing the cello. Initially she only considered it a hobby until a couple of teachers managed to convince her to study the subject further.

“At the end of Grade 8, I had a conversation with Mr Berardi and Mr Topp and they convinced me to try out Music Academy," she says. “Little did I know, Music Academy would change my entire outlook on music. From this point onwards, I found a huge love for composing and analysing music which led me to continue the subject through my senior years with General Music and Extension Music.

“I want to pass on a huge thank you to my teachers from NVSHS. Your words of advice and wisdom have shaped me to be who I am today and I am forever grateful. And to my family in the music department, you guys are the best, keep up the good work!"

While it may be a puzzling subject for some, Melinda admits music has always come easy to her, but choosing one particular type to favour is the tricky part.

“It was a subject that I could enjoy the content and do well in, which was a blessing," she says. “Contrasting music with some of the other subjects I did, I considered it my chill class.  

“With such an open ear to all different genres of music, I can never decide on a favourite! But if there's one thing I'll belt out in the shower or in my car with the windows down, it's a love ballad."

Putting her amazing music achievements to one side, Melinda has chosen to study business at university this year with a taste of music still featuring prominently in her life. Her future focus involves forensic accounting as a career, keeping music as her chance to escape when she needs it.

“I'm studying a Bachelor of Business (Dean's Honours) majoring in accounting at QUT," she says. “While I love music so much, I didn't want to associate it with work, so keeping it as a leisure activity works for me after all. I have joined the QUT String Theory society to continue playing cello which I am very grateful for considering I rarely have time for much else."​

Last reviewed 02 June 2021
Last updated 02 June 2021