Promising future on the menu


​Spending a year ingrained in the hospitality industry has proven to be an eye-opener for grade 12 student Bianca Brown. Bianca has completed her Certificate III in Hospitality with the Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar at Chermside. Although completed in less time than originally planned, Bianca felt great relief and a sense of accomplishment to finish her certificate.

“I studied for roughly a year, even though it was meant to go for 2 years," she says. “However, the practical side of the certificate only took about 10 months to complete and the theory was also done within a year.

“I chose this avenue to follow because at the beginning I wanted to open my own café and I knew completing a Cert III would give me a good start and create more opportunities for my future."

With a preference for cooking over baking, Bianca has always had a keen interest in the hospitality industry and has the potential to develop her skills further depending on how her future pans out.

“You could say hospitality has been on my radar because it has proven to be an ever-growing industry so they are always looking for employees," she says.

“My dream now, is to hopefully become an event manager, whether it be in a hospitality environment or not, we'll see what happens.

“But my future goals for next year, after I have finished school, include doing a certificate in event management and/or a diploma in hospitality. I'm also hoping to start a full-time job with Cowch to ensure hours at work as well."

When it comes to working with food, Bianca says she likes preparing any food as long as it is for family or friends and when it comes to a favourite food to chow down on, she can't pass up on anything Italian.

It seems the cooking gene might very well be in the family with Bianca following in the footsteps of her older brother.

“I guess my brother is a bit of a mentor or idol in a way," she says. “He works in hospitality and always has. He is actually a qualified chef and has always tried his absolute best and provided for his family, with a hint of arrogance and ambition he has been able to accomplish whatever he wanted."

For now, Bianca's main focus is getting through her final school year and hopefully passing everything. While she doesn't have a definite favourite subject, there are some that produce a few 'highlights'.

“For learning, most likely math as my teacher is hilarious and teaches us well," she says. “For having a laugh and a bit of a stuff around, it would be tourism as I have some friends in that class and it is a relatively simple class to follow along most of the time."​

Last reviewed 13 August 2021
Last updated 13 August 2021