Spotlight shines on the dancefloor for Polly-Ann


​With a mixture of dedication, hard work, determination and a strong skillset, Polly-Ann Burrows is already forging a path in the world of dance. Not only does she have a place in the Youth Ensemble at Australian Dance Collective for 2021 and Merge Dance Theatre as a senior dancer, she is also dancing at Jam Performing Arts and has a position as a Junior Dance Teacher. Stepping in to the world of dance at the tender age of 2.5, Polly-Ann has certainly made on her mark on what is already shaping up to be a promising career path.

“I auditioned for Merge 2019 and got a place in the intermediate company, then reauditioned for 2020 and again for 2021 and got a place in the senior company," she says. “I auditioned for Australasian Dance Collective 2020 and didn't get a place but auditioned again for 2021 and got a place this time.

“It's very difficult fitting everything in with dancing, school and life in general, but as it's what I want to do as a career, I do not want to miss any opportunities to learn and experience dance in different environments with different industry professionals."

All of her achievements thus far have taken time, plenty of practice and all on top of school studies (now in year 11) as well. There's no denying Polly-Ann has certainly put the effort in to make it to where she is now. She admits to liking all styles of dance with her favourite styles including “hip hop, contemporary and jazz".  She also has a few favourite dancers and artists that have caught her eye.

“My favourite dancer is Dianne Buswell," Polly-Ann says. “She's a Latin dancer from Perth, who is currently on the UK version of Dancing with the Stars.

“I'm also obviously in awe of the Australasian Dance Collective Company Dancers who I recently performed with and also Paige Rochester from the Queensland Ballet."

Being so heavily involved in the dance arena, it's no surprise Polly-Ann has a few idols up her sleeve, who drive her ambition to succeed even further.

“One of my idols is Michael Edge," she says. “He is the co-director at Jam Performing Arts as well as a successful dancer and choreographer in his own right.  He has been a big inspiration for me to work hard.

“Another idol is Deanna Castellana from Merge Dance Theatre has taught me so much about contemporary dance and her productions are very professional.

“Also Riannon Mclean from Australasian Dance Collective, in the short amount of time I've been with the company, has inspired me to work at a higher level which has started to prepare me for industry work."

Fitting in over 20 hours of dance related activities each week, this young performer already has her future mapped out.

“After I finish school I want to dance full time, hopefully at the Queensland College of Dance," Polly-Ann says.​

But when there's a little bit of spare time, she does manage a couple of things that aren't related to dance.

“I like to sing and play soccer although I don't have much time for soccer these days."

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Last reviewed 13 August 2021
Last updated 13 August 2021