Our school


Since opening in 2000, Narangba Valley State High School has earned an enviable reputation as one of Queensland’s highest performing schools.

This school provides amazing opportunities for our students, with a range of Academy and Excellence programs in academic, sporting and cultural areas. Our academic and vocational programs are of the highest quality, ensuring pathways exist for our students beyond secondary school. 

We work hard to prepare every student to 'challenge the future' through inspiration, innovation and developing resilience.

In all that we do we strive to uphold the school values – 'Respect, Integrity and Commitment'. These values underpin the high expectations regarding behaviour, work ethic and everything that goes with being a member of the Narangba Valley State High School family.


Our logo

The School logo is an endless equilateral triangle superimposed onto a globe. The triangle represents life-long learning and the need for each person to focus on continual improvement. The globe represents planet earth and reminds us that we live in a global community where there are no barriers between nations when it comes to knowledge and communication.

Our motto, 'Challenging the Future' can have various interpretations and students are challenged to think about all the possibilities the term can hold. Like the endless triangle, the depth is infinite.

School Spirit - Pyramid

Located in front of the P.A.L.A.C.E (Performing Arts Lifestyle Achievement Centre of Education) the sculpture entitled "Spirit", was designed and created in 2004 to reflect youth's creativity, positive energy and vitality.

 You may ask, "Why a pyramid?" Since Ancient Egyptian times, pyramids have been used as a symbol to represent the eternal, the everlasting, stability, strength and classical beauty. As you walk around "Spirit", height of 1.9m with a base of 2m square, you will notice a spiral and a range of other symbols.

 Each of the symbols on "Spirit" have been designed and selected to represent a particular meaning.  The spiral motif was designed to represent the spirit of youth, their vitality and energy. The polished shape on the south‑eastern side was designed to represent the upward movement of dramatic projection and the grace and balance seen in dance. Closest to the PALACE, on the south‑western side, there are three circular motifs symbolic of recreational games, such as netball, basketball and soccer. The three gently curving parallel shapes on the north‑eastern face symbolize the rhythms of the performing arts and sports. On the south‑western face there is a purposeful pause to activities represented on the other facets of the pyramid. This break allows for reflection on the symbols and motifs covering "Spirit".

 In 2004 Education Queensland provided the school with a grant under the Art Built‑in Artist‑in‑Residence Program. The Art Built-in project came together in 2004 under the guidance of art teacher,  Mrs Janelle Gerber.  Staff and students, namely Jessica Lane, Ellyce Wheatley, Amy Latham and Monique Phizacklea collaborated together for the artwork's design. The artwork was made by tradesperson Steve Mason using recycled materials donated by Simsmetal, Northgate.

















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