Bring Your Own Device


​​​Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

The Bring Your Own Device Program is a compulsory technology initiative that Narangba Valley State High School initiated in 2016. This program allows students to use their personal laptop device in the classroom with restricted access to the Department's Information Communication Technology (ICT) network. The BYOD program is compulsory for all students in all year levels.

As part of the onboarding process, all students are required to enrol their device via Intune as soon as possible.  Please refer to following installation guides for:

 Windows 10 intune installation guide (PDF, 307KB)

 Windows 11 intune installation guide (PDF, 584KB)

​ Mac OS intune installation guide (PDF, 306KB)

The guides are also located on the right-hand side of this webpage under Intune Information.


Students requiring access to Microsoft Office for their device please refer below for instructions on how to download and install Microsoft Office 365 to your personal BYO device:

 Microsoft office 365 mac setup (PDF, 784KB)

​ Microsoft office 365 windows setup (PDF, 651KB)

​​​​​​​​​​​Participation in the BYOD Program

All students are required to participate in the BYOD program. It is imperative that these devices have the capacity to enhance the student's learning. For this reason, Narangba Valley State High School has provided minimum specifications and features a device must have to be deemed appropriate for use in the classroom. At present, eligible device types are limited to laptop computers. Tablets and smartphones are not acceptable devices.

Restrictions and security for online activity

All devices connected to the Department's ICT network, including personal devices, are subject to strict filtered internet restrictions; ensuring students can only access online educational material whilst using the internet on the school campus. Students will be able to access their individual school file storage whilst connected to the Department's network.

Support and maintenance

It is important to note that Narangba Valley SHS takes no responsibility for the security, integrity or insurance for any personal device used as part of the BYOD program; nor will the school provide any further IT support beyond the initial consultation and connection of the device. Charging of personal devices will not be allowed at the school due to strict guidelines by the Department regarding use of electrical outlets by students.

Where can devices be purchased?

Narangba Valley State High School cannot specifically advise one supplier over another. There is no restriction on where the device is sourced from, as long as it meets the minimum specifications. Please see refer to the minimum specifications documents located on the right hand side of this web page.

What if I can't afford a device for my student?

In exceptional circumstances we have an equity scheme available whereby there are a limited number of devices which can be hired from the school. Please read Student laptop hire program (PDF, 386KB)​ ​for more details or contact the office to discuss arrangements to support your student. Note: Financial hardship criteria will apply.

Applications for Student Laptop Hire will be accepted from

Thursday 18 January 2024. 

Last reviewed 08 March 2024
Last updated 06 December 2023