Differentiated learning for parents


For some years the school has used 'Aus Identities and temperaments' as a tool to assist teachers to understand and work with different personalities in staffrooms and classrooms. An understanding of the nature of the different people we come into contact with on a daily basis helps us to form strong positive relationships with people in both our personal and professional lives. 

Developing this level of understanding often takes a great deal of time, especially in a high school setting where students may only see a teacher as infrequently as twice a week. Well respected and world renowned educator Professor John Hattie identifies positive relationships as key to creating a climate conducive to learning. 

To further our knowledge and understanding of temperaments the school has subscribed to a training program developed by 'Aus Identities' in conjunction with a Queensland Outdoor Education Centre. One of the features of this subscription is a website that is accessible to parents to assist them in understanding the nature of the work the school is doing and more importantly to help parents understand their children’s preferences and behaviours. 

The web site provides lots of information about temperaments and allows you to determine your own temperament type. Your temperament type determines your core needs, values, talents and behaviours and influences your preferences for learning and interacting with people. The parent site is called 'Differentiated Learning for parents'.

Differentiation is about making adjustments to what is taught and how it is taught, to suit the needs of the learners in a group. Parents should be aware that in Queensland Studies Authority, Vocational Education and Training and National Curriculum subjects, what is taught is mandated by the overseeing authority. The products of learning are dictated by work programs and study plans approved by these overseeing authorities. Adjustments to what is taught and the methods of assessment are often not possible in these situations. 

When teachers understand the nature of the different temperaments of student in their classroom, they can use a variety of different activities to suit the preferences of the students in their class. This is differentiating how lessons are taught. At Narangba Valley State High School all teachers develop targeted differentiation plans for their classes. These plans identify strategies specific to the needs of students with goals for improving their level of achievement.

The school encourages parents to access the site to help them understand the preferences and behaviours of their children and to understand the nature of the work the school is undertaking to support positive professional relationships and a school climate conducive to learning. The website is accessible via the link listed to the right, under Relative Links.

Last reviewed 09 December 2019
Last updated 09 December 2019